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Dried Sloes 500g


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Idealny do robienia wina z tarniny lub ginu. 

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  • Dried Sloes 500g Bag For Making Sloe Gin And Wine


    Use as an alternative to fresh sloes when making sloe gin. Ideal when fresh sloes are scarce / all year round

    Can be used in home made wine recipes as well as home made jam.

    Dried Sloe Wine Recipe.

    Pour 1 gallon boiling water into a fermenting bin.

    Stir in 225ml of red grape concentrate, 1.25 kg of white sugar and 250g of dried sloes. Stir well until sugar is dissolved.

    When cool, add 5ml each of citric acid, yeast nutrient, grape tannin and pectic enzyme and a good Bordeaux wine yeast.

    Keep well covered, in a warm place and stir daily for a week.

    Strain into a demijohn and allow to ferment out, topping up with water if necessary.

    When fermentation is complete, rack, stabilize and bottle.


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Dried Sloes 500g

Dried Sloes 500g

Idealny do robienia wina z tarniny lub ginu. 

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