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Alcotec Vodka Kit 5L


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Alcotec Vodka Kit 5l


Make your own Vodka style spirit at 20% strength. This kit makes 5 litresof pure alcohol, just add sugar and water!

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  • Make your own half strength Vodka

    Alcotec Vodka Type Kit contains all you need to make 7 bottles of high quality 21% strength Swedish Vodka type spirit. 5 liters in total just add sugar and water.

    Alcotec Vodka Type Kit is based on recent new developments in fermentation technology. Now you can brew your own Vodka type spirit just as simple as making beer or wine.

    Equipment : You will need a 5 litre fermenter and syphon.

    Instruction - Start

    1. Clean and sterilise all equipment before use. Use a proper homebrew cleaner/steriliser, normal washing up liquid will not do. Rinse very thoroughly. This is a good time to measure up your 5 litre (9 Pints) level and mark it.

    2. Using a clean jug, dissolve 1.63 kgs of sugar into 1 litres (1.8 Pints), of boiling water and add this to the fermenter. Warning - if you have a glass demijohn you need to let the liquid cool down a bit first.

    3. Add cold water until the fermenter is half full and then shake well. Add sachets 1b (Nutrient) and 1d (Bentonite) and shake well.

    4. Add sachet 1 (H/AYeast)to half a cup of warm water (40ºC / 104 ºF). Leave to stand for 10 minutes then stir and leave for another 10 minutes before adding to the fermenter. Do not leave for much longer or shorter - this may result in yeast damage.

    5. Top up to 5 litres (as marked before) with cold water and shake well. Fit an air lock and leave to ferment at between 18-23ºC (64- 73 ºF) until no more bubbles pass through the air lock (should take 3 weeks). Always consider the risk of a leak or frothing - place your fermenter away from carpets etc.

    Afterfermentation ( 3- weekslater)

    6. Check that fermentation is over - hydrometer reading should be the same for two days following (pref. below 998), there should be no more bubbles in the airlock and no visible activity

    7. When you are absolutely sure that fermentation is over (if in doubt, wait another few days) then pour the liquor into a clean bucket, leaving only the sediment in the fermenter.

    8. Add sachets no 2 (Stabiliser) and 3 (Activated Carbon) (massage the carbon sachet first to dissolve any lumps), stir to remove CO2 thoroughly and then return the liquor to the fermenter (rinse the demijohn first to remove the sediment).

    9. Re-fit the air lock and leave to stand for 24 hours. Agitate occasionally during this time.

    10.After 24 hours add sachet no 3 (Finings A), mix gently and leave to stand for 1 hour.After 1 hour add sachet no 4 (Finings B) and mix gently for 10 seconds. Then immediately add the sachet no 5 (Finings C), mix gently for 10 seconds and leave to stand in a cool place until completely clear. Afterclearing(approximately3days)

    11. When completely clear (usually 3 days, somewhat longer in rare cases), siphon the clear liquor into a clean demijohn.

    12. Ready! Now you can use the base for mixing with essences and extracts to make half-strength spirits, liqueurs, drinks etc.


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Alcotec Vodka Kit 5L

Alcotec Vodka Kit 5L

Alcotec Vodka Kit 5l


Make your own Vodka style spirit at 20% strength. This kit makes 5 litresof pure alcohol, just add sugar and water!

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