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Natural Sheep Casings 18/20 - 15m View larger

Natural Sheep Casings 18/20 - 15m


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Calibration 18/20 mm

Length in section: 15 m 

For : 3-4 kg 

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  • A natural and healthy alternative - by making your own sausages you can avoid unhealthy additives and preservatives that are commonly used in ready-made meat products.​

    For making Kabanos and Frankfurter sausages without preservatives

    Universal - you can use these casings for making thin scalded, smoked, grilled, dried, or matured sausages, but they are suitable for all kinds of sausage processing

    The content of a 15 m packaging is sufficient for about 3-4 kg of meat filling.

    You can freeze the unused portion of the product

    Natural mutton casings for production of all kinds of thin sausages, such as Kabanos or Frankfurter sausages. The casings have been packaged hermetically in the presence of salt acting as a preservative. A single packaging contains 15 m of casings. On average, 1 kg of meat filling requires about 4.6 m of casing, depending on the calibration difference and the type of sausage prepared (the amount of casing used depends on factors such as thickness of meat pieces and consistency of the filling) The length of casings should be measured after soaking them in water in advance. It is the sole objective way of measuring them (after calibration, but before adding salt). The most reliable result is not obtained after the casings are tightened and put to the measure.

    Before the casings are used, they should be soaked for about 3 h in the temperature of about 30°C.

    Before opening - store in ambient temperature, in a dry place away from sunlight. It is best to store the casings in a refrigerator, which extends their suitability for consumption.

    Afteropening - the recommended storage temperature is 0 - 14°C. You can freeze unused casings without any problems and use them for making other products next time.

    Ingredients: sheep casings, preservative: salt


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Natural Sheep Casings 18/20 - 15m

Natural Sheep Casings 18/20 - 15m

Calibration 18/20 mm

Length in section: 15 m 

For : 3-4 kg 

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