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Browin Liquid Natural Rennet 50ml


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Browin Liquid Natural Rennet 50 ml

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  • Browin Liquid Natural Rennet 50 ml

    Product of natural origin - calf rennet.

    Stable and firm curd – curdling (coagulation) of milk consists in its transition from liquid state into two fractions - curd and whey, as a result of casein precipitation.

    High efficiency – a single packing is enough for 105 - 260 litres of milk, depending on the type of cheese produced. Activity: 1:10 000 U (a single rennet portion coagulates 10 000 portions of milk).

    Universal – it is suitable for preparing various types of rennet cheese, either fresh and maturing, from cow milk, goat milk, and sheep milk.

    Easy dosage – the liquid form facilitates dosage without the necessity of weighing out.

    Do you love home cheese making? Would you like to make your first own cheese? This rennet guarantees high efficiency and simplicity of use! Natural liquid rennet obtained from chymosin and pepsin from calf abomasa guarantees healthy composition, delicate flavour, and impressive aroma of homemade cheese! Make your own cheese once – and you will never again reach for that on the store shelves! By using this product you can make both fresh and maturing cheese at your own home, using fresh cow milk (also pasteurised at low temperature (up to 74°C)), goat milk, and sheep milk. The simplicity of using this rennet, which is dosed extremely easily without weighing out, will make your home cheese making a child’s play! This rennet, sold in a 50 mL bottle, is sufficient for 105 - 260 L of milk, depending on the type of cheese made. Its activity at the level of 1: 10 000 U will allow you to use only 8 - 20 drops per 2 litres of milk!

    The shelf life period takes into account the possibility of transporting the product at a temperature below 30 ° C for up to 7 days.


    The optimal range of milk Ph value for rennet to act properly is from 6 to 7. The product should be stored sealed tight in a temperature of 4-8°C.

    How to use:

    1. Add calcium chloride before using rennet!

    2. Calculate and measure the dose of rennet proportional to the milk quantity used. Before adding rennet to milk with temperature of 35-38°C, dissolve it in 50 mL of water. (Recommended dosage: 8-20 drops (about 0.4 mL - 0.95 mL) per 2 L of milk.

    3. According to the recipe used, add rennet at a right moment to the milk heated up to the temperature of 35-38 °C (you can find the detailed information in our cheese recipes).

    4. Mix everything gently and leave it under cover until the curd forms, for about 15-40 minutes.

    It is recommended to add calcium chloride (CaCl2) in the amount of 1 - 10 g/10 L of milk, depending on the type of cheese prepared. Calcium chloride enriches milk, increases cheese output, and facilitates the activity of rennet.

    Activity: 1:10 000 U

    Product efficiency: 105 - 260 L of milk

    Ingredients: natural calf rennet, salt, preservative: sodium benzoate.


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Browin Liquid Natural Rennet 50ml

Browin Liquid Natural Rennet 50ml

Browin Liquid Natural Rennet 50 ml

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