Liquid Natural  Rennet 50 ml - 411207 View larger

Liquid Natural Rennet 50 ml - 411207


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Liquid Natural Rennet 50 ml

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  • How to use:

    1. Calculate and measure the dose of rennet proportional to the milk quantity used. Before adding rennet to milk with temperature of 35-38°C, dissolve it in 50 mL of water. (Recommended dosage: 8-20 drops (about 0.4 mL - 0.95 mL) per 2 L of milk.

    2. According to the recipe used, add rennet at a right moment to the milk heated up to the temperature of 35-38 °C (you can find the detailed information in our cheese recipes).

    3. Mix everything gently and leave it under cover until the curd forms, for about 15-40 minutes.

    It is recommended to add calcium chloride (CaCl2) in the amount of 1 - 10 g/10 L of milk, depending on the type of cheese prepared. Calcium chloride enriches milk, increases cheese output, and facilitates the activity of rennet.

    Activity: 1:10 000 U

    Product efficiency: 105 - 260 L of milk

    Ingredients: natural calf rennet, preservatives: sodium chloride, sodium benzoate.


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Liquid Natural  Rennet 50 ml - 411207

Liquid Natural Rennet 50 ml - 411207

Liquid Natural Rennet 50 ml

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