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Cheese smoking netting, 3m View larger

Cheese smoking netting, 3m


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Cheese smoking netting - 3m

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  • 3m x 12cm netting, intended most of all for every enthusiast of home-made smoked cheese. The netting is characterised by high durability and universal mesh size. 
    Perfect not only for cheese-making and smoking, it can also be used for roasting (up to 220°C and 120 minutes) as well as brewing (up to 125°C and 120 minutes).

    It can be cut as needed. 
    Home-made smoked cheese
    Ingredients for 1 kg of cheese:
    10 L of low pasteurised (up to 74°C) or fresh milk, 11 drops of Vege Plus rennet, 2 g of calcium chloride. 

    Dissolve the calcium chloride in 50 ml of lukewarm water. Heat the milk up to 38-40°C and add the dissolved calcium chloride. Next, pour in the rennet, dissolved in 50 ml of lukewarm water, and leave for an hour. When a tight curd is formed, dice it into 1 cm cubes and leave for 10-15 min. Move the curd into a mould and strain the whey. Heat water up to 75°C in a pot, divide the curd into handfuls - and steam those several times. Strain the portions after each steaming to get rid of as much whey as possible. When the cheese texture resembles a tight plastic mass, form it and put into the cheese netting. Prepare a saline: 180 g of salt per each 1 L of water, then put the cooled down cheese in for 12 hours. Gently dry the cheese after removing it from the saline, and subject it to the process of smoking, preferably with cold smoke - in up to 35-40°C temperature, for 2-3 hours.


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Cheese smoking netting, 3m

Cheese smoking netting, 3m

Cheese smoking netting - 3m

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