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Prismatic Copper Springs 0.25L


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  • Prismatic Copper Springs 0.25L. To use in catalytic columns. Copper springs remove harmful and unwanted sulfur compounds from the distillate. Copper is used at the bottom of the rectification column, the charge height is related to the height of the entire column and tank. For example, for a 100cm tall column, copper should be around 10-15cm.
    Before using the springs for the first time, wash them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and citric acid (per 100ml hydrogen peroxide - 10g citric acid). This solution is also used to wash springs after prolonged use.
    * The size may vary depending on the manufacturer.



Astonishigly Good. Impressively Efficient

A cunning method of maximising both purity and output. Look similar to a metal Raschig rings but utilising copper wire to create a raschig like ring; smaller yet more surface area due to its corrogation both internal and external. It also has more mass = thermal inertia. Its void space is larger too per volume. It enables a 2.5" 48" high column loaded with 3.5lites of raschig rings be replaced by a 30" 2.5" column instead. Yet output (1.5 lph) and ABV (94%) on the shorter column.
Using this admittedly expensive packing - compared with copper mesh or copper wool - I expect it would allow a small 1.5" diameter 30" high column to match or even surpass a larger 2" diameter and 39" tall column.

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Prismatic Copper Springs 0.25L

Prismatic Copper Springs 0.25L

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