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Coopers Brew Kit English Bitter 1.7kg


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English Bitter (1.7kg)

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  • Coopers English Bitter is a brown copper colour with red hues and a creamy head. It displays a pleasing floral aroma with a blend of toasty/sweet malt flavours finishing with a firm bitter finish. It may be served slightly less chilled, if desired.

    Light yellow-gold colour with a tightly packed white head, floral nose with a hint of malt, medium bodied palate with delicate hopping and a slightly bitter finish. The most discerning draught drinker will appreciate this beer.


    Product from Australian company - Coopers for making 23litres of beer..

    Each can contain:

    -1,7 kg of hermetic closed hop malt without any extra preservanties( Malt consistency is similar to carmel/honey)

    -the packet of beer yeast (attached under the cover)

    Maximum alcohol level, which we may achive is 5,2% (We can also achive lighter beers if we reduce the amount of sugar.) Using attached table, you can choose the proper amount of sugar for particular barrel and for require beer power.

    Amount of sugar beer power 1000g 5,2% , 500g 4,6% , 450g 4% , 250g 3,4%


    Preparing homemade beer is really simple but you have to remember about keeping cleanness and proportion.

    Needed equipment

    Cooper's concentrant (with beer yeast packet attached )

    1 kg of sugar or - enhancer or - for exapmle malt extract light or -Enhancer - water

    -sugar measure

    glass demijohn or 30 l zymotic container

    -zymotic straw

    -measuring spoon for sugar

    lever capper

    crown caps

    -bottles for pouring beer or plastic bottles.

    Next steps of beer preparation

    Closed can with digest put to the sink with hot water for about 10 minutes. (it will make our content liquefied and make it easier to put it out)

    Into 5 l vessel put 1 kg of sugar. (Attention : sugar may be replaced with enhancer or malt)we add 2 l of boiling water and mix till sugar will melt, next add the content of the can and mix it again.

    The final temperature of beer should be about 21-21°C. If so, you should add beer yeast from the packet. (Attention: remember that the temperature over 30° will kill the yeast. Fermentation will not start in the temperature under 18°C.) After adding the yeast, mix everything and close the mouth of the vessel (demijohn) and put the fermenative straw in the cork.

    Approved fermentation temperature is between 18 and 24°C. Caution: Only with ''advanced beer makers'' the temperature of fermentation may be lower- from 15 to 20 °C. First fermentation period lasts for 7 days.

    After 7 days before pouring the beer into bottles, make sure that fermentation is over. Check if fizz are not getting throught the area. (Caution : we can confirm the end of fermentation with the cup measuring, when it points 1 Blg – first fermentation is over.

    Sugar adding- for every 0,5 l bottle add 4g of sugar(Caution: do not use more amount because it may cause the explosion of the bottle and the beer will be too sparkling. Too low amount of sugar will reduce sparkling of the beer)

    Use the hosepipe for pouring the beer into bottles, do not move precipitate from the bottom of the fermentative vessel. Keep the bottle incline during pouring the beer. Fill the bottles and keep 5 cm of free space in the bottleneck.

    Lever cappered bottles keep in dry, warm room for 4 days in the temperature of 20°C. (do not keep in sunny area) Next put the beer into colder room (about 15°C). After pouring beer, the second fermentation succded and lasts for at least 12 days.

    After 2-3 weeks beer is ready for consumption. but the best will be after 2-3 months. Ready beer may be kept in cold place even for 2 years.


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Coopers Brew Kit English Bitter 1.7kg

Coopers Brew Kit English Bitter 1.7kg

English Bitter (1.7kg)

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