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  • Alcotec

    Turbo yeast, whisky yeast and other types of distillers yeasts have been our specialitiy since the early 1990's when we developed the worlds first turbo yeast. Alcotec now offers a whole range of ingredients such as essences, extracts and highly specialised liquid and dry activated carbons for making alcohol, by fermentation only or by subsequent distillation (where legal) of moonshine.

  • Hambleton Bard

    Hambleton Bard is known worldwide as a manufacturer of fine yeast from Brands Alcotec. Product Features: The highest quality products and a small price.


    Flavour Essences

    Characteristic of Strands is that our products are developed continuously, tastes improved and even the labels are updated. With the latest flavor enhancements, this has given an outstanding result. Try, mix and njuit of our finest essences.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items