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Natural PORK casings


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Natural  PORK GUT casings/ sausage skin  

Pork - 28/30 mm x 15m

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  • Perfect for home-made sausages - natural pork intestines are suitable for consumption and are the basic ingredient used in home-made sausages.
    High quality and safety - natural pork intestines are high quality, allowing you to make sausages yourself and avoid unhealthy additives and preservatives!
    Ease of use - before using the intestines, soak for about 20 minutes in water at a temperature of about 30 ° C, and then rinse the inside with lukewarm water. After this treatment, the product is ready for stuffing.
    Universal - guts can be used for any type of sausage and for various processing methods; thin steamed, smoked, grilled, dried and matured sausages.
    As much as 15 meters in the package - when you buy our product, you get as much as 15 meters of natural pork intestines, which is enough for approx. 9 kg of meat stuffing!

    Are you dreaming of home-made delicious cold cuts? Preparing your favorite thin steamed, smoked, grilled, dried or matured sausage will no longer be a problem for you! Natural pork intestines are suitable for consumption, thanks to which you can prepare your favorite meats in them, without worrying about the addition of unnecessary preservatives or chemical additives (The intestines are hermetically packed in the presence of one preservative, which is salt !). Natural pork intestines are perfect for making all kinds of thin sausages and offal, such as: juniper, ordinary, white, sausage, "Śląska", "Grilli" from Finland, "Bratwurst" from Germany, "Boudin blanc" and "Saucisse Montbeliard" ”From France, etc. The package contains 15 m of intestines. On average, 1 kg of meat stuffing requires about 1.6 m of intestine (depending on the calibration and the type of sausage being prepared, i.e. the thickness of the meat pieces, the consistency of the stuffing). The length of the intestines should be measured after soaking in water. This is the only objective measure. Obtaining the most reliable result does not take place after stretching the intestines and putting them on the measuring cup.

    Directions for use:

    Before use, the intestines should be soaked for about 20 minutes in water at a temperature of about 30 ° C, and then rinsed inside with lukewarm water.

    Storage method:

    Before opening - it can be stored at ambient temperature, in a dry, sunless place. Refrigeration is the most recommended to extend their shelf life.

    After opening - the recommended storage temperature is 0 - 14 ° C. The product is best stored after opening, salted in the refrigerator. You can also easily freeze the unused intestine and use it for other products. After defrosting, the product should not be re-frozen




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    Natural PORK casings

    Natural PORK casings

    Natural  PORK GUT casings/ sausage skin  

    Pork - 28/30 mm x 15m

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