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Traditional smokehouse hooks - 5 pcs View larger

Traditional smokehouse S-shaped hooks - 5 pcs


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Traditional smokehouse S-shaped hooks - 5 pcs

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  • Traditional smokehouse S-shaped hooks - 5 pcs

    Steady hanging smoked meat. Hooks for hanging meat in smokehouses-made of stainless steal. 
    Length - 14 cm, diameter - 3mm.

    Smoking hooks made of high-quality stainless steel, having the traditional S-shape, are a fundamental accessory for every backyard smokehouse. Thanks to them, you will have no trouble hanging the portions prepared for smoking and be sure that your meat delicacies - hams, loins, sirloins, ribs or sausage, as well as cheese – will remain safe during the whole process and the smoking effect will meet your expectations. You will receive evenly smoked products with an attractive appearance. The universal shape of the hooks is also worth appreciating, as well as their sharp ending and durability. You can also use them in your household larder, for example to hang matured meats or drying products intended for further processing.

    Professional smoking - thanks to these traditionally S-shaped smoking hooks and intended mainly for smoking meat, you will smoke your favourite ham, ribs or loins in a professional manner. You can also use them for smoking cheese.

    Convenient and easy to use - each hook from the set can be easily hung on a bar inside the smoking chamber, while its sharp end needs to be driven in the portion prepared.

    Supports meat storage - the versatile design of hooks enables using them also outside of a smokehouse. You can hang your hams or sausages on them and leave them at the right height in the larder without worrying about them getting damaged or being nibbled on by your dog or cat.

    Ideal for matured meats - you can successfully use these hooks to hang meats that you want to mature in a comfortable environment.

    Robust execution - the hooks are made of high-quality stainless steel, thanks to which they can be used for a long time while remaining fully functional. The steel is resistant to high temperature, deformation, and rusting.

    The hooks are suitable for contact with food.

    This set of excellent quality S-shaped hooks (5 pcs) will allow you to smoke a solid portion of meat for the whole family or for a party with friends. Discover the taste of delicious homemade smoked meats and cheeses. Prepare hams, ribs, sirloins, sausages or loin in a professional yet simple way in your smokehouse - using this set of stainless-steel hooks. Their design will allow you to arrange the homemade products conveniently within the smokehouse, as well as later, when they are stored in your kitchen or larder. You can also use the hooks successfully for hanging the matured meats or products intended for drying – prior to smoking, for example.

    They are made of type 304 stainless steel, which ensures their durability and makes them fully usable for a long time, even under heavy use. They are resistant to high temperatures and do not deform. Thanks to their classic shape and standard size, these hooks fit any type of backyard smokehouse.

    Hook dimensions:

    length: 140 mm

    outer diameter - 3 mm

    inner diameter of the top part: 36 mm

    inner diameter of the bottom part with sharpened end: 52 mm


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Traditional smokehouse S-shaped hooks - 5 pcs

Traditional smokehouse S-shaped hooks - 5 pcs

Traditional smokehouse S-shaped hooks - 5 pcs

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