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Outdoor Smoker XL


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Outdoor Smoker Cooker XL  - adjustable capacity

with a Thermometer

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  • The outdoor smoker can be used for hot OR cold smoking fish, poultry, game, meats, cheese and vegetables with the bonus that the flavour of home smoked food is delectable! Great for smoked food at dinner parties, finger buffets, barbecues and entertaining at home and it's a boon for camping or boating holidays. Light the meth burner under the Outdoor Smoker Cooker, sprinkle some sawdust on the base of the smoker, add your food and put the lid on, that's it.

    Product width: 43.5cm
    Depth of the product: 28.0cm
    Product height: 23.5 cm

    A versatile household smoker with a “flange” than enables adjusting the
    roasting pan capacity, made of high quality stainless steel. Thanks to its
    modular design, three grills, and two burners it is perfect for preparing
    delicious dishes in both small and large quantities. It allows quick and easy
    smoking of poultry, other meat, fish, and cheese. It can handle a larger
    chicken or a large fish perfectly!
    The smoker is fitted with a thermometer that enables checking the
    temperature in the chamber during the whole smoking process.
    The device is fuelled with odourless and smokeless gel fuel that provides
    appropriate heating power without increasing its volume the way other fuels
    (for example denatured alcohol) do.
    Please familiarise yourself thoroughly with this manual prior to using the
    device and keep it for future reference.
    Dear Client! Remember to dry the meat very carefully prior to commencing
    smoking. A poorly dried meat may cause humidity to accumulate inside the
    chamber during smoking.

    Kit contents:
    – metal shielding of burners,
    – two burners with flame adjustment function,
    – covers for burner extinguishing,
    – roasting pan with a recess intended for wood chips
    – drip tray for fat,– grill – 3 levels
    – additional “flange” for adjusting capacity
    – cover with a built-in thermometer with indication range from 0 to 100°C,
    – metal handles,

    Familiarising yourself thoroughly with the recommendations below will enable
    using the smoker properly and enjoy its faultless functioning for a longer time.
    The smoker assembly method is very simple, and so is smoking itself.
    However, in order to achieve fully satisfying effects it is necessary to always
    adhere to several fundamental recommendations when using it.
    The wood chips should be placed on the bottom of the roasting pan in a
    specially designed recess, in the amount of (30-40 g - about 2 handfuls).
    Excess amount of wood chips should be avoided as it may have a negative
    impact on the flavour of the food smoked (e.g. meat may acquire a sour
    During the whole smoking process it is necessary to monitor the temperature
    inside the smoker using the smoking thermometer installed in the cover of
    the device. If the temperature becomes too high, it can be reduced by
    adjusting the burners or turning one of them off.
    It is necessary to be careful not to overfill the burners with gel fuel.
    1. Check the content of the packaging and make sure that all parts of the
    device are included.

    2. Arrange a proper place for smoking for yourself, in line with the
    recommendations regarding safe use of the smoker, specified in the manual.

    3. Assemble all parts of the smoker in line with the schematic included above.

    4. Prepare wood chips, fuel, products to be smoked, and tongs or other
    accessories useful for moving the food.
    If the food was cured in brine earlier, it is necessary to dry it well. To this end,
    it is best to hang it in a draughty place in room temperature. To speed this
    process up, it is possible to use a fan. It is not recommended to expose the
    product to direct sunlight.

    5. Arrange the wood chips uniformly in the recess on the bottom of the
    roasting pan in such a way that they form a flat layer or short broad mounds
    over the burners.
    For smoking, you can use various kinds of wood chips, e.g. from beech or
    alder, or from very aromatic fruit tree wood, e.g. from cherry, wild cherry,
    apple, plum, or pear tree.

    6. Place the drip tray on the wood chips.

    7. Put fuel into the burners and then light them up. Place the cover with
    thermometer over the smoker and wait for about 3 minutes for it to heat up

    8. Place the product to be smoked on the bottom grill in such a way that it
    has as little contact with the smoker’s walls as possible. Thanks to that the
    product will be smoked uniformly. The deep roasting pan enables preparing
    various meals, especially larger meat portions.
    Remember that the lower the distance from the furnace, the higher the
    smoking temperature is.

    9. During the whole smoking process it is necessary to monitor the
    temperature inside the smoker – which is facilitated by the thermometer built
    into the smoker cover.
    If the temperature becomes too high, it can be reduced by adjusting the
    burners or turning one of them off.

    10. Depending on your preferences and the type of smoking used, you can
    scald the meat, leave it to dry further in a cold place, or eat it right away. The
    approximate time required to smoke fish is 30-50 minutes. Smoking poultry
    and red meat takes about 60-90 minutes.

    11. After smoking is finished, wait for the device to cool down and then clean
    all its individual elements and secure them, taking into account the
    recommendations specified below. Store the device in a closed packaging
    (original or other similar one, in a slip cover, etc.) 12. Before commencing
    smoking, always make sure that the device is clean and in good working


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Outdoor Smoker XL

Outdoor Smoker XL

Outdoor Smoker Cooker XL  - adjustable capacity

with a Thermometer

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