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TURBO YEAST Mega Pack 50L 1410


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1410 Gozdawa Turbo Yeast 21% 5-6 days

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  • Turbo Yeast 1410 - pack is for 50  liters of wort, the alcohol content is 21%, fermentation time of 5 to 6 days. Yeast for distillation Temperature of fermentation: 26°-27°С  Ingredients: yeast, yeast nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Weight: 140g



    13Kg SUGAR ON 50L - POWER 21%

    New generation active yeast vodka guarantees clean and fast fermentation and produces fewer by-products (a small amount of acids, sulfur, esters, aldehydes) in the final product.

    Instructions for use:

    13 kg in 50 liters, optimal temperature 25-27 ° C, fermentation time 5-6 days, power 21%
    Dissolve 13 kg of hot sugar with water. Before the task of yeast, mix the settings for about 2-3 minutes, this will allow good oxygenation of the setting, as well as the proper expansion of the yeast. The optimal temperature of the setting should be 25-27 degrees C. Put the mixture directly into the setting and continue to mix gently for 2 minutes. Cover, but do not use sealed closures, fermentation tubes, etc. Fermentation is going on in a turbulent way. The fermentation time is about 5-6 days, and the alcohol concentration is up to 21%.

    Packaging: 190 g

    Composition: yeasts, nutrients, vitamins, microelements


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TURBO YEAST Mega Pack 50L 1410

TURBO YEAST Mega Pack 50L 1410

1410 Gozdawa Turbo Yeast 21% 5-6 days

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