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Pryzmatyczne sprezynki miedziane 0.25L


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Astonishigly Good. Impressively Efficient

A cunning method of maximising both purity and output. Look similar to a metal Raschig rings but utilising copper wire to create a raschig like ring; smaller yet more surface area due to its corrogation both internal and external. It also has more mass = thermal inertia. Its void space is larger too per volume. It enables a 2.5" 48" high column loaded with 3.5lites of raschig rings be replaced by a 30" 2.5" column instead. Yet output (1.5 lph) and ABV (94%) on the shorter column.
Using this admittedly expensive packing - compared with copper mesh or copper wool - I expect it would allow a small 1.5" diameter 30" high column to match or even surpass a larger 2" diameter and 39" tall column.

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Pryzmatyczne sprezynki miedziane 0.25L

Pryzmatyczne sprezynki miedziane 0.25L

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