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44x24mm Neutral Cork Stoppers


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Neutral cork stoppers, size 44x24mm

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  • It is a stopper produced an innovative new technology with high-quality mini-pellets. Method of production can remove 99.9% volatile impurities as well as foreign flavors, it ensures longer storage of wine compared to other synthetic stoppers.


    The compactness of the mini granules also provides a better seal in the bottle.


    Recommended for wines, sparkling wines, including beer intended for early consumption. Corks disinfected and sterilized.

    Corks are imported directly from the manufacturer, which has a very long tradition in the processing of cork - from the nineteenth century.


    The tolerance value:

         The length of 44 +/- 0,3mm
         Diameter 24 +/- 0.3 mm
         Granule density 320kg / m3 +/- 40 kg / m3
         Humidity 6% +/- 2%
         The residue oxidants <0.1mg / stopper


    * Before using plugs should be get burned in hot water approx. 1 minute, so prepared stopper will be easier for us to choke them. The plug will be more flexible and more easily adapts to the neck of the bottle.
    * after chocked, for about 24 hours we put bottles vertically


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44x24mm Neutral Cork Stoppers

44x24mm Neutral Cork Stoppers

Neutral cork stoppers, size 44x24mm

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